The Capital Times Link – October 27, 2018

Marsha R. Bonner Speaker at ZenDesk Presents “Paths to Inclusion” Sponsored by Overture Center of the Arts. Article: Small Steps Toward Big Change: Diversity Event Stresses Individual choice on the way to inclusion.

The Washington Post Link – October 3, 2018

Marsha R. Bonner interviewed by Eli Rosenberg. Article: Facebook blocked many gay-themed ads as part of its new advertising policy, angering LGBT groups.

Smart Brown Voices – July 2016

Marsha R. Bonner was interviewed by Mike Street, host of Smart Brown Voices. Mike Street specializes in creating connections with social media/digital influencers online and offline. On his Podcast Show called “SMART BROWN VOICES”, Mike Street invites his listeners to “Learn from Successful Black and Latino Startup Founders, Entrepreneurs, Activists, Marketers and Creatives.”

Cutting for a Cure’s 48-Hour Health Fair and Haircutting Marathon Sponsored by H.U.G.S Movement – July 2016
What’s Eating Harlem – February 2016

Marsha R. Bonner received the Maya Angelou Award for “Harlem Stair Stepper” at The First Harlem Renaissance Academy Awards.

MSNBC, Tamron Hall, News Nation: Born in the USA
Originally aired: September 2014

“News Nation with Tamron Hall ” featured “Cutting for a Cure Inc.” on the “Born in the USA” episode. Tamron Hall interviewed Barber Shop and venue host for Cutting for a Cure Inc., Denny Moe along with Marsha R. Bonner. The discussion focused on the hair cutting marathon’s great success in partnership with H.U.G.S Movement and explored the potential to bring this event to a national level.

Nightline: Behind-the-Scenes of ABC’s ‘What Would You Do?’
Originally aired: August 2015
ABC, Katie Couric Show, Featuring special guests: John Quinones and Marsha R. Bonner
Originally aired: May 2014

The Katie Couric Show  featured a look into“What Would You Do? – Interracial Couple Faces Criticism” episode and the impact on Marsha R. Bonner.

ABC, What Would You Do?, Interracial Couple Faces Racism
Originally aired: December 2013

Since 2013, a variety of news/media outlets that have shared the viral video that has reached over 40m viewers since it aired.