Marsha Moment Message: Hey Family, I’m just reaching out to wish EVERYONE – A Happy LGBTQ Pride!! Everyone, MarshaHUGS?? Why, Everyone?? I’m glad you asked. Consider this: In my humble opinion, whether we are aware of it or not – each one of us has an LGBTQ Connection in our Lives. OMG – Did I say that OUT LOUD? Yes, You Bet I Did. The reason I am going in this direction is primarily because I strongly believe that biases, prejudices and discriminatory actions and behaviors tend to subside a bit when these negatives thoughts, ideas and actions – COME CLOSE TO HOME….Hmmmm. It is a FACT that it is not until Someone in our Family, A Friend or A Colleague is Directly Affected or Harmed that WE begin to assess and be challenged by OUR OWN UNINFORMED NEGATIVE BELIEFS and ATTITUDES. Sure, You just might not AGREE with My Lifestyle and Choices and Truth Be Known – I might not Agree with Many Things that You Consider “THE NORM” in Your Life. However, I want ALL of us to remember this: IT IS OK TO AGREE TO DISAGREE – AND I DON’T HAVE TO “HATE YOU” or “HURT YOU” because I do. So, I would like to Strongly Encourage YOU to Do Me a Favor – LOVE ME, AS I LOVE YOU…JUST FOR BEING WHO YOU ARE – WHATEVER CHOICES YOU DECIDE TO MAKE FOR YOURSELF. Come On Now…LET’S RESPECT ONE ANOTHER AND JUST LIVE OUR LIVES…Let’s Roll. Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset”. HAPPY PRIDE!! Much Love…MarshaHUGS
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