Marsha Moment Message: One of the most enduring Principles that I have Embedded in My Core is FAITH. Like many of You, there have been numerous times when I questioned My Life, My Purpose, My Existence based on the Human Experiences and Challenges I faced and trust me there were and are still quite a few. However, there has always been this voice – a quiet and steady, persistent voice that kept whispering: Don’t Give Up – We Can Do This – HAVE FAITH. And, with what little Faith I was working with, I pressed on and TODAY – I AM SO GRATEFUL THAT I DID!! In this Moment, I’m feeling something brewing in Your Soul that is asking questions that challenge You to explain Why You Are Alive. Trust and Believe, Right Here and Right Now – That You Are Here on Behalf of the God that You Honor to LOVE YOURSELF and SHARE LOVE WITH OTHERS. In my humble opinion, at the end of the day, that’s all that is really gonna matter. Come On Now…FAITH IS A PERSPECTIVE THAT YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE FOR YOUR LIFE – PLEASE CHOOSE WISELY – YOU GOOD…Let’s Roll. Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset”. Much Love…MarshaHUGS
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Marsha Moment Message: Let me ask again: Can You Feel It? I sure trust that YOU do (smile). Sure, there are days that can be quite challenging and we fall back on what’s not working or happening in our lives which I Strongly Believe is an overrated depressing attitude designed to negatively INFECT and AFFECT Our Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual Mindset. In this MOMENT, I would like to ENCOURAGE You to Reflect on the GOOD IN YOUR LIFE and Put Just a little GRATITUDE IN YOUR ATTITUDE for the Most Important Thing YOU Have Been Given by the GOD You HONOR – No Matter What is Going On. In my “humble” opinion that is “YOUR LIFE.”
Come On Now…SHOW ME WHAT YOU WORKING WITH – LOVING THE LIFE YOU LIVE…Let’s Roll!! Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset”. Much Love…MarshaHUGS
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Marsha Moment Message: Here’s a Thought Just for Your Consideration. How Much BETTER Would or Could the WORLD be if WE Allow the LOVE in Our HEARTS to be the Driving Force in Dealing with the Challenges We Face with People, Places and Things?? YES, no doubt about It – WE WILL FACE SOME STUFF. However, it is My Strong Belief that No Matter What We Are Confronted With, We Have the CHOICE of Approaching Them With SINCERE INTENT – Better Known as LOVE!! (smile) Come On Now…THE CHOICE IS YOURS…Let’s Roll. Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset.” Much Love…MarshaHUGS
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Marsha Moment Message: In my “humble” opinion, when you recognize and appreciate that YOU are here for a reason and that YOUR LIFE has PURPOSE then it comes as no surprise that You’ve got work to do. Some folks TALK ABOUT IT but fall a bit short on BEING ABOUT IT. In this MOMENT, I would like to ENCOURAGE You to know – without a shadow of a doubt – that the True Value of Your Life is Reinforced by Each BREATHE You are ALLOWED to take. PLEASE make a Conscious Effort to BREATHE with DETERMINATION and PURPOSE as Your Personal Guides. OooooWeeee – This I Know We Can Do. Come On Now…YOU GOT THIS…Let’s Roll. Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset”. Much Love…MarshaHUGS
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Marsha Moment Message: I had the pleasure and honor of producing and presenting Cutting for a Cure’s First Annual Celebrity Fundraising Dinner at Cheri Harlem Restaurant on May 17 and I am still FLYING HIGH!!
Now, there are a host of pictures and videos that I will soon share that captured the nights festivities, but this is a picture that My Spiritual Sister, Davone Madison shared with me between Two More of My Spiritual Sisters – Monifah Carter, Singer Actress and Terez Mychelle, Actress, Director, Writer, Creative Consultant, Human & LGBTQ Rights Activist and Monifah’s Wife.
Monifah performed at the event and SLAYED IT – Let me say that again – MONIFAH SLAYED IT and the guests were on their feet in admiration for this incredible R&B Songstress; and in the background – doing what she do, was Terez making sure that the audio for Monifah was “tight”. Loving Partnerships Show Up and Can Be Observed In Different Ways…(I’m just saying – smile). I am BLESSED to have “Mo and T” in My Life and I want to extend a Heartfelt Thank You from Me, Denny Moe, and the Dinner Planning Committee – Davone Madison, Kheava Hines, Divalicous Wormley, Richard E Pelzer II and Madi – to Monifah and Terez for SUPPORTING Cutting for a Cure and believing in our efforts to SAVE LIVES in Under-Served Communities!!
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Marsha Moment Message: I want to send a HEARTFELT HUG and a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to MY WONDERFUL and AMAZING MOM – Ms. Barbara Weltfisch
I will never be able to articulate what My MOM means to Me. If there was ever anyone who has shown me UNCONDITIONAL LOVE throughout My Life, it has been My MOM. Even as a Child, My MOM CARED for Me and My Sister, Denise Jones, with ALL HER HEART and ALL THAT SHE COULD GIVE TO US. During My Darkest Days, when I was caught in the GRIPS of Drug and Alcohol Abuse; whenever I found My Way HOME – My MOM opened her doors, fed me, replaced my dirty clothes, rubbed my head, shared encouraging words and allowed me to be HELD IN HER LOVING EMBRACE. For that I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL. And, when I left her to continue Abusing My Life – My Mom Prayed for Me like ONLY A MOM CAN. Well, My Mom’s PRAYERS were answered and today, I Am FREE FROM ACTIVE ADDICTION and LIVING A LIFE COMMITTED to Doing All I Can to GIVE HOPE and SHARE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE WITH PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD!!
If your MOM has been and is there for You, I ENCOURAGE You to GIVE HER A BIG HUG and TELL HER THAT YOU LOVE HER!! Trust Me – She’ll know exactly what it’s for. Remember: SHE LOVES YOU!! (smile).
I also want to send a LOVING HUG to those whose Mom has TRANSITIONED HOME. I ENCOURAGE You to keep the Spirit of Your Mom ALIVE and Allow her LEGACY to LIVE through YOU!! Trust and Believe, Your Mom STILL LOVES YOU AND HAS GOT YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY in HARMONY with the GOD that You HONOR. That My Friend, is TRULY A BLESSING (smile).
Come On Now…HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO ALL…Let’s Roll. Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset.” Much Love… MarshaHUGS
With Barbara Weltfisch Denise Jones
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Marsha Moment Message: Like You – Some Days You Just Feel It. What is “IT” – MarshaHUGS? I’m Glad You Asked (smile). In my “humble” opinion – IT is that FEELING You get when things around You seem to be swirling out of control, however, YOU look around and simply say: THAT’S ALL YOU GOT!! Trust and Believe – It ain’t never that serious, as long as you still breathing and have the opportunity to change circumstances in order to continue to enhance and maintain your Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical Well-being. I’m just saying. Come On Now…TAKE A DEEP BREATHE AND KEEP IT MOVING…Let’s Roll. Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset”. Much Love…MarshaHUGS
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Marsha Moment Message. There are times in My Life when I recognize that the only thing that can make a significant difference in My Life and the Lives of Others is when I truly HUMBLE Myself to the Universal Power that GUIDES and DIRECTS OUR LIVES (my belief). So, in this MOMENT, I want YOU to Know that I’m PRAYING and CHANTING for YOU – with an Aggressive Fever that SHAKES ME TO MY CORE. Life is Gonna Do What It’s Gonna Do. Stay Steadfast in Your Belief that Nothing Stays the Same – and, THIS TOO SHALL PASS…OooooWeeee…Yaaaassss. Come On Now…FROM WHERE I SIT – YOU ROCK…Let’s Roll. Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset”. Much Love…MarshaHUGS
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