Marsha Moment Message: YES, on Saturday, February 25 at 1pm, Yours Truly – Marsha R Bonner, Founder of the H.U.G.S. Movement Presents ’90 DAYS’ Film Screening and Panel on Healthy Relationships – Addressing Couples Living and Loving with HIV. The program will take place at Express Newark Lecture Hall 213, 54 Halsey Street, 2nd floor, Newark NJ 07102.
“90 DAYS” stars Teyonah Parris (Survivor’s Remorse, Mad Men & Chi-Raq), with executive producer Jussie Smollett (Empire, The Skinny & The Mighty Ducks). This powerful thought-provoking short film seeks to give people living with HIV and those who love them hope toward finding intimacy while educating others.
The screening will be followed by a panel discussion about healthy relationships moderated by Founder of the H.U.G.S. Movement and Assistant Vice President of Human Resources for the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) Marsha R. Bonner, SHRM-CP and featuring 90 DAYS filmmakers Nathan Hale Williams and Jennia Fredrique Aponte, with Rev. Jae Quinlan of UFC Newark and M. Ishmael Griffin MD FAAEM, attending Physician of Emergency Medicine/Primary Care.
Is love greater than our secrets? The film 90 DAYS explores that question through the story of a man and a woman who are faced with a life-altering decision after ninety days of dating. The heavy burden of HIV/AIDS on the black LGBT community is well-known; however, black women are also disproportionately at risk, with approximately 16,100 women living with HIV/AIDS in New Jersey State, according to the State of New Jersey Health Department, click here. It’s time to have an honest conversation about testing and prevention, as well as the ways that stigma can get in the way of healthy relationships. The panel will explore these topics, as well as the goals of New York State’s blueprint for Ending the Epidemic of HIV/AIDS.
Nathan and Jennia plan to travel the country with the series called 90 DAYS: ADVOCACY, ACTIVISM & STORYTELLING ©, a series of screenings and discussions about healthy relationships, created by Nathan Hale Williams. For additional information on community engagement, sponsorship and/or media inquiries contact Richard E. Pelzer II, Executive Producer of 90 DAYS at 929.841.6541 or PelzerMEGA1 Visit website:
More About Us:
H.U.G.S. Movement (Helping Us Grow Spiritually) advocate appreciation of all humanity. The movement encourages individuals from around the world to respect and appreciate others through their words, actions and deeds by living and embracing a “HUGS Mindset”.. More information is at
A pivotal part of the 90 DAYS film project is our ability as filmmakers to inspire, educate and motivate communities by removing the ‘STIGMA’ associated with HIV/AIDS. The film was produced with the help of the ACT Against AIDS Initiative, AIDS Healthcare Foundation and the HIV Stops with Me campaign. With local NJ/NY community partners. For additional information visit:

Marsha Moment Message: I woke up this morning with a CALL TO ACTION on My Heart for YOU. I Truly Trust My Words Will Touch YOU in some way – here goes: The God of My Understanding continues to guide my steps and I am Honored to Carry His Message of LOVE Forward to the World. My LIFE was Enhanced beyond my wildest dreams when I gave a woman a HUG in Denny Moe’s Superstar Barbershop and used the phrase “H.U.G.S” – Helping Us Grow Spiritually – to calm a challenging, incendiary, racially charged, discriminatory situation – on December 7, 2013 when John Quinones spotlighted me on his national television show – What Would You Do? – in a segment called “Interracial Couple Faces Criticism in a Black Barbershop”. The segment has been viewed over 100 million times across the WORLD. And, all I can say is that when GOD has somethig to say – it will be HEARD. It is my Strong Belief that GOD works through People and WE ARE THOSE PEOPLE. And, I was and remain just ONE of His Vessels. I AM SO CLEAR ABOUT MY POSITION and on that day in the Barbershop, it was “GOD CALLING ME” to take my place in HIS WORLD that he had groomed me for from the day I was born – through all of My Personal Life’s LESSONS and BLESSINGS. And, to the best of my abiliy, I have Answered Him by using my Experience, Strength and Hope – to Encourage, Inspire and Uplift Others through my Words, Actions and Deeds; what I call Living and Embracing a “HUGS MINDSET”. In this “MOMENT”, I would like to Encourage You to ANSWER THE CALL, LISTEN With An Open Mind and Heart, Take ACTION, and Then STRIVE to BE the Person that the God that You Honor has Designed You to Be on His Behalf. WE ALL HAVE A STORY TO TELL – Your Time Is NOW to Show How You Living – I Feel It In My Soul. Trust Me – This is a Call You Don’t Want To Miss!! Come On Now…PLEASE PICK UP THE PHONE…Let’s Roll. Much Love…MarshaHUGS
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Marsha Moment Message: I just want to Wish You a Very Happy Valentine’s Day – or as I like to say – LOVE DAY!! Although many of You will be able to Share this Day with Someone Special; Trust and Believe, the Best Person that You Can Share LOVE with is YOU (smile). It is my experience, that I can only Give to Others – What I Have in My Heart for Myself (things that make you go…Hmmmm) So, on this Day – Please Don’t Forget to Say – HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY TO YOURSELF!! And, of course, if You Do Have Someone Special In Your Life – Let Them Know – in whatever way You can – That You Love Them Too (smile). And, if by chance, You Don’t Have Someone Special in Your Life – Remember – YOU’VE GOT YOU and at the end of the day – The God You Honor LOVES YOU and, by the way – So Do I. Come On Now…Make Valentine’s Day and All Days the Best You’ve Ever Had…Let’s Roll. Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset.” Much Love…MarshaHUGS
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Marsha Moment Message. As I was in meditation and prayer this morning, a question came to my mind; “Why Me Lord?” Now, I have refrained from asking this specific question for years because I understand and know that the God I Honor has got Me. However, there are times when that’s the only question that I can ask and want an answer to. Then, like today, I snap out of it and remember that I’m going to go through “stuff” to bring Me CLOSER to HIM. Here is the Memo that some of us might have forgotten about or missed: When It Seems Like No One Is There or Got Your Back – THE POWER YOU HONOR IS Patiently Waiting For YOU to HUMBLE Yourself Enough to ASK FOR HELP!! In this “MOMENT”, I would like to SUGGEST that you take a minute and think about this: When it Seemed Hopeless, the Pain Unbearable, You Felt like You Couldn’t Brethe and that Sinking Feeling Made You Clutch Your Gut and You Felt Like a Knife Had Been Driven Through Your Heart and You Were Going to Die. I Ask You This: Who or What Did You CALL On for HELP?? Hmmmm??? As for Me – I Yelled Out – “GOD HELP ME”!! OooooWeeee – Did I YELL. So, I would like to ENCOURAGE You to PLEASE Never Give Up, No Matter What – No Matter Who. Get in the HUMBLE Position, Ask For HELP and Know that You Will Be RELIEVED!! Come On Now…YOU’VE BEEN PUT TO THE TEST AND SURVIVED…Let’s Roll. Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset”. Much Love. Marsha
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