Marsha Moment Message. Okay, we can all see that there is a lot of negativity infecting the Minds and Spirits of so many People across the World. I believe TOGETHER We can be part of the SOLUTION. Trust and Believe, PEACE does not have to be an afterthought or a dream: WE CAN MAKE IT REAL – IN OUR LIFETIME!! Let’s use our days to use our Voice to Speak PEACE into the UNIVERSE and use our Words, Actions and Deeds to demonstrate that We Mean Business. Let’s Move Ourselves and Others in a Direction that brings us closer together rather than further apart. Come On Now… TIME TO ELEVATE…Let’s Roll. Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset”. Much Love…MarshaHUGS


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Marsha Moment Message: Hey Family, I trust that each and everyone of YOU are doing well. Yes, I’ve been off the Grid for a minute as the energy around me has been – well, quite challenging and interesting. However, as all of You know – I Am A Woman Who Perseveres; the God that I HONOR Ain’t No Joke and keeps me protected and safe – No Matter What!! TRULY BLESSED!! My Message Today is to Remind Myself and You that “WE RISE BY UPLIFTING OTHERS.” That’s Why I Am and Will Remain AUTHENTIC – So, that YOU Know – You’re Not Alone!! Although Trials and Tribulations will come our way – turn it around and look at it as LESSONS AND BLESSINGS…Yaaaasss!! I ENCOURAGE YOU to Never Forget that YOU are an AMAZING LOVING SOUL That Has So Much to Offer to the World. I AM SO GOOD and I remain COMMITTED to Continuing to STRIVE and Carry My Message of LOVE Forward. Come On Now…RISE – RISE – RISE…Let’s Roll. Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset”. Much Love…MarshaHUGS

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Marsha Moment Message. Like many of you, I woke up this morning to hear that Peaceful Protests have once again turned Violent. It pains me tremendously that we as “A Nation Under God – Indivisible With Liberty and Justice for All” are struggling to find our way to this TRUTH – Granted to Each of Us by the Constitution in which we live under. Something is terribly wrong and at the end of the day – when all else on EARTH seems to Fail – I ENCOURAGE YOU to turn to YOUR SPIRITUAL SOURCE for the Guidance and Strength We All Need Through These Tumultuous Times. In my humble opinion – We Can Find Our Way Out of this Darkness. LET US CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR PEACE IN OUR AND THE HEARTS AND MINDS OF THOSE AROUND US. The Peaceful Protests Should Continue – No Doubt About That; however, No More People Need to Die – THIS MUST STOP!! We Shall and Can Overcome – TOGETHER. Come On Now…Let’s Roll. Live and Embrace a ” HUGS Mindset”. Much Love…MarshaHUGS

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— with Keith Lamont Scott, Terrence Crutcher and Marvin Gaye.

Marsha Moment Message: As many of You may sense, I try my very best to refrain from political, religious, and racial tirades. I believe that We are BORN to LOVE Each Other; however, there is a cynicism and ignorance that gains root and grows in many Hearts, Minds and Spirits that produces Hate and a total disregard for Human Life. And, in my humble opinion, YOUR LIFE is God’s Greatest Miracle. With all that is going on as it relates to these Pipe Bombs, Shootings, Stabbings and the unnecessary Senseless Killings across the WORLD, I want to just say this to All of YOU; PLEASE DON’T LOSE HOPE. Trust and Believe, along with LOVE – this is one of the most PRECIOUS HUMAN POSSESSIONS WE HAVE. I Encourage You during these Tumultuous Times to THINK about the Young Lives Yet to Be Born and the Young Innocent Lives Here With Us Right Now. Please Hear Me On This: THEY ARE COUNTING ON US TO KEEP THE FLAME OF HOPE ALIVE – FOR OURSELVES AND FOR THEM. This WE Must and Can Do; I BELIEVE and I am TRUSTING that YOU Do Too. Come On Now…Don’t Lose Hope…Let’s Roll. Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset”. Much Love…MarshaHUGS

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Marsha Moment Message: I’ve spent a good portion of My Life trying my best to eliminate the destructive desire to JUDGE People by What I See. It has been my experience as I’ve MATURED that assessing others in this way is Extremely Limiting to My Spiritual, Mental and Emotional Growth. What has worked is Allowing Myself the Opportunity to Experience and Expand My World View through the Diverse Lives of Others. I Encourage You to LISTEN To Others – LEARN from Others – and Open Your Mind to LOVE Others – Just As They Are. Trust and Believe, We are More Alike than We are Different. Get to know ME and I’ll Do My Best to Get to Know YOU Better. It would be an Honor – For Real. Come On Now…WE’RE BETTER TOGETHER THAN WE ARE APART…Let’s Roll. Live and Embrace a “HUGS MINDSET”. Much Love…MarshaHUGS

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Marsha Moment Message: Don’t you just LOVE going into each day – especially the weekends – in the Right Frame of Mind. I Sure Do. ? ENJOY LIFE – FOR REAL!! Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset”. Much Love..Marsha R. BonneraHUGS
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Marsha Moment Message: There have been so many times in the past when I would say “I’m Going To Do This or That” and FEAR along with a Lack of FAITH Stopped Me in My Tracks. How Very Sad. Today I find it a TRAVESTY to say “NO TO MYSELF”. My Approach Now is To Go For It and Take It As Far As I Can. There is something so FULFILLING when You Just TRY – knowing and understanding that if YOU are operating with SINCERE INTENT = LOVE and put in the EFFORT; the GOD You Honor Will Handle the RESULTS. Trust and Believe, “Faith Without Works is Dead”. I ENCOURAGE YOU to PLEASE Keep Your Hopes, Dreams and Aspirations ALIVE!! Come On Now…Go For It…Let’s Roll. Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset”. Much Love…MarshaHUGS

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Marsha Moment Message: It is my STRONG BELIEF that it is vitally IMPORTANT that I ALWAYS Remember “Who I Am” and “Whose I Am”. I got thrown a curve ball yesterday and I was on FIRE!! (Yeah, MarshaHUGS is Human – LOL). It took Me a minute to get it together and with the help of a Very Good FRIEND – I was able to regroup and THANK the God that I Honor for EVERYTHING!! It is so Easy to do that when things are going well; however, I have found that it gives me so much STRENGTH and RELIEF to remain in the “HUMBLE” Position and THANK HIM IN THE MIDST OF THE STORM. Well, It’s a NEW DAY and I’m SO MUCH BETTER NOW. I would ENCOURAGE You to remember, that when the Storm Hits – All YOU really need to do is – Thank the God You Honor – Tell Somebody What’s Going On – Sit Tight – Stay Focused – and Never Stop Believing, Just Like You BELIEVED when You Were a Child (smile). WOW – That Felt GOOD!! Come On Now…THE BEST IS YET TO COME…Let’s Roll. Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset”. Much Love…MarshaHUGS

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Marsha Moment Message. I TREASURE the Feeling of HAPPINESS – especially when it EMBRACES My Total Being. Like many of You – Life’s Challenges Sure Can Suck the Joy Right Out of You; but then comes that Glimmer of HOPE and LIGHT that YOU Just Kinda Hear and Feel – which says: YOU ALRIGHT, MARSHA – KEEP STRIVING – I GOT YOU. And, it is in that moment, that short but oh so SWEET Moment, when I’m just HAPPY – RIGHT THEN and RIGHT THERE. I Encourage You to PAY ATTENTION and EMBRACE those HAPPY MOMENTS that have a tendency to dart in and out of Our Lives; Trust and Believe, YOU DESERVE EVERY SINGLE HAPPY MOMENT, MINUTE, HOUR, DAY, YEAR or YEARS YOU GET. Please don’t let Life’s Challenges Make You Feel – You ain’t never gonna be HAPPY – cause It Just Ain’t So. Look at You – You’re SMILING NOW (LOL). Come On Now…YOU GOOD…Let’s Roll. Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset”. Much Love…MarshaHUGS

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Marsha Moment Message: As I go about the business of Keeping an Open Mind and Engaging with Individuals from All Over the World; I continually run across folks who want to TELL ME WHAT I SHOULD DO – Over and Over Again. Do I Appreciate their Input into How I Should Live My Life? YES, No Doubt. However, what I have come to UNDERSTAND is that it is Best for Me to EXPERIENCE LIFE AS IT HAS BEEN DESIGNED FOR ME by the God that I HONOR while Understanding and Appreciating that Others are an Integral Part of the Universal Equation and their Input Counts. (RESPECT) I ENCOURAGE You to GET AND STAY ON YOUR PATH and FAITHFULLY FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS, HOPES AND ASPIRATIONS – to the Best of Your Ability. Never, Ever Minimize What YOU SEE FOR YOURSELF while at the Same Time EMBRACING the LOVE, ENCOURAGEMENT and SUPPORT of OTHERS Along the Way. It’s All About BALANCE, BABY (in my humble opinion – smile). Come On Now…GO AFTER WHAT YOU SEE FOR YOU…Let’s Roll. Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset. Much Love…MarshaHUGS

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Marsha Moment Message; Sometimes You Just Wanna Say THANK YOU…So, I Did!! Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset”. Much Love…MarshaHUGS

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