Marsha Moment Message: I want to take this time to Wish ALL My Brothers a Very HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!! May YOU Continue to be a MODEL for your CHILDREN and Guide them with the LOVE and CARE that they need from having a MAN in their Young Lives. PLEASE TEACH OUR CHILDREN TO LOVE THEMSELVES and OTHERS. I strongly believe that the Emotional, Spiritual and Nurturing Attributes that you possess and bring into a Child’s Life as a Father is PRICELESS. I Encourage You to never minimize the Personal Impact that YOU have as a Dad. Your Child/Children Truly Need to HEAR the Message of LOVE from YOU. Come on Now…ENJOY THE BLESSING OF BEING A DAD – HAPPY FATHER’S DAY…Let’s Roll. Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset.” Much Love, today and always. MarshaHUGS

Marsha Moment Message: “WE ARE WITH YOU ORLANDO”

Words cannot express the sadness that I feel for the LIVES WE LOSS during the TERROR ATTACK in Orlando, Florida this weekend. The Most Deadly Shooting in American History!! I’ve Cried and Prayed – Cried Some More and Prayed Some More. All day yesterday and last night was very difficult for me. When Your Heart Weeps – Your Spirit Swells in Pain – and Your Mind Wants to Question EVERYTHING – especially things I just can’t make sense of and probably will never understand. After much REFLECTION and MEDITATION – at this time – I would like to send My Sincere Condolences and PRAYERS to the Families, Friends and Colleagues of those killed so senselessly and to those Individuals currently recovering shooting inflicted on them by a Human Being who also needs our PRAYERS. And, that, My Friends, is where My Heart Stays and will continue to Stay. The questions I have will probably never be answered to My Satisfaction; however, I will continue to WALK IN FAITH and NOT IN FEAR. I know – without a doubt – THAT LOVE WILL WIN THE DAY!! CRY – PRAY – REFLECT and KEEP LOVE ALIVE IN YOUR HEARTS. Better Days are Ahead – Peek Around the Corner of HATE and You WILL SEE A RAINBOW OF LOVE. Please Join Me in NOT GIVING UP ON HUMAN KIND. At the End of the Day, WE ARE ALL WE GOT!! Remember: Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset – Encourage, Inspire and Uplift Others Through Your Words, Actions and Deeds. Come On Now…WE SHALL OVERCOME…Let’s Roll. Much Love, today and always…MarshaHUGS

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Marsha Moment Message: What a Beautiful Day the God that I HONOR has given me to SHARE with YOU – BLESSED!! One of the things I want to ENCOURAGE You to do on this Incredible Journey called LIFE is to COMMUNICATE WITH THOSE AROUND YOU – WHOEVER THEY ARE. Trust and Believe, LIKE YOU – EACH AND EVERY DAY – A NEW “SENTENCE” IN MY STORY IS WRITTEN – THAT ENRICHES MY SPIRIT AND MY LIFE IN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. Let’s Continue to Get to Know Each Other. As We Continue to Grow and Experience Life Our Thoughts, Perceptions, Opinions, and Behaviors – CHANGE!! As a result – OUR STORIES CHANGE. Let’s Talk Less and Listen More to Others as They Communicate With Us – Heck, We Might Just LEARN Something New (I’m just saying – smile). Come On…CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW…Let’s Roll. Much Love…MarshaHUGS

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Marsha Moment Message: OK, YES – I Know – I SHARED My Morning Message Earlier Today, however, when I come across a quote like this – My Spirit says – SHARE – Marsha, PLEASE SHARE!! So, I want to Thank My Spiritual Brother, Jonathan Bodrick, for posting this Enlightening Phrase and for tagging me on it. Truly, this is a quote that RESONATES with My Spirit and I am sure it will with Yours as Well. So, My question to You Family is: Are You Ensuring that Your Rent on Earth is PAID??…”Things that Make You Go Hmmm”. (smile) Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset – Encourage, Inspire and Uplift Others Through Your Words, Actions and Deeds. Come On…Let’s Roll.MarshaHUGS

Let’s All Take A Moment of Silence for OUR Brother – MUHAMMAD ALI – who has transitioned home earlier this week. May he Sleep in Peace. HUGS and LOVE being sent to his Wife, Family and Friends.

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