Marsha Moment Message. Sometimes YOU just have to let YOUR INNER LIGHT SHINE. Trust and Believe, that is where the real BEAUTY of the God You HONOR – Through YOU – Touches the HEARTS and LIVES OF OTHERS. Go Ahead – SHINE!! Come On Now…Let’s Roll. Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset.” Much Love…MarshaHUGS

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Marsha Moment Message: I trust that you ALL are doing well and LIVING JOYFULLY in the SPIRIT that GUIDES YOU. As you go about your DAYS – I would like to “Humbly” Offer these few PRINCIPLES and IDEALS to Assist You in STAYING ENCOURAGED. As for ME, well, One Day At A Time – I AM COMMITTED TO EMBRACING THEM ALL!! (smile). Won’t You Join Me?? Come On Now…Take What You Need…Let’s Roll!! Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset.” Much Love…MarshaHUGS

#mrbinspires #marshahugs #hugs #hugsmindset#takewhatyouneed

Marsha Moment Message: I woke up this morning with YOU on My Spirit and felt the need to SHARE these few words. Facebook uses the “term” FRIEND to describe our social connection and it truly works for me. Why? Because YOU continue to SUPPORT Me, My Work and My H.U.G.S. Movement Campaign with Your Words of ENCOURAGEMENT and LOVE from all Over the WORLD. I’m Busy – No Doubt – but, I take the time to READ EVERY SINGLE MESSAGE that Comes Through My Social Pages and although sometimes all I can do is “LIKE” Your Comments – Each Time You Say Something – Anything at All – It Touches MY SPIRIT in a VERY SPECIAL WAY. So, from the Bottom of My Heart – I just want to say – “THANKS FOR BEING MY FRIEND.” Come On Now…Let’s Roll. Much Love, today and always…MarshaHUGS

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Marsha Moment Message: I Just LOVE Encouraging People to Live Purpose Driven Lives – Being Just Who They Are. This is why, I am HONORED to be the PROJECT MANAGER and one of the COMMUNITY OUTREACH PARTNERS for the March 25-26, 2016 – SOLD OUT – Black Lesbian Conference being presented by BeyondBold AndBrave at the Barnard Center for Research on Women, Barnard College, NYC. I ENCOURAGE You to “STAND IN YOUR TRUTH” and SUPPORT Causes and Issues that Touch Your SPIRIT and are IMPORTANT to YOU. Trust Me, It Feels So Good to be PROUD of Just Who You Are (I’m just saying – smile). Come On Now…Let’s Roll. Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset.” Much Love…MarshaHUGS

LOVING SHOUT OUT to the Co-Founders of BeyondBold AndBrave, alyce d. emory and Kim Ford – whose VISION and TENACITY have brought this HISTORIC conference to LIFE!

RESPECT and ADMIRATION to the Conference’s Steering Committee Members – Katherine Bailey, Kawana S. Bullock, Rhonda Otten, Wen Peguero, Stephanie Reid and Julie Worthey – for their relentless commitment to ensuring that this CONFERENCE will be an AMAZING EVENT!!

HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL of the Conference’s Sponsors and Community Outreach Partners.

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Chiara Morrison Richard E Pelzer II Denny Moe Monifah Carter Terez Mychelle JaVonne Armstrong Dwayne A Nash Musa Jackson Ulysses Carter Pasha Cook Barbara Weltfisch Denise Jones Leau Fille BeyondBold AndBrave Billie’s Black Mark A Forrest Savoy Walker Vanessa Tyler Swan Simpson

Marsha Moment Message: Like YOU, I woke up this morning to news reports of yet another terrorist attack. My HEART is saddened that lives continue to be loss in what I deem Senseless Murders. Yes, we are experiencing tumultuous times around the world and directly in our own communities. I ENCOURAGE You to PLEASE Continue to Walk in FAITH and PRAY for Yourselves, Your Family, Your Friends – and THOSE MISGUIDED INDIVIDUALS Who Continue to Cause Such Devastation Through Their Deadly Actions. Trust and Believe, the GOD of Your Understanding is Still With Us ALL – PLEASE DON’T EVER FORGET THAT!! Come On Now…Let’s Roll. Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset”. Much Love…MarshaHUGS

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Marsha Moment Message: Every STEP FORWARD We Take in LIFE has SIGNIFICANCE. Let’s Make Em’ Count. Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset”. Much Love…MarshaHUGS

#mrbinspires #marshahugs #marshabonner#marsharbonner #hugsmindset #hugs #steps#everystepcounts

Marsha Moment Message: As I come out on the other side, I FEEL the need to “Humbly” SHARE One of My VITAL LIFE LESSONS with YOU. The Lesson is: “FIRST LOVE YOURSELF – F.L.Y.” It is my personal experience that whenever I forget to PRACTICE this Lesson, Pain Soon Follows and I am FORCED to Re-evaluate Where I Have Positioned Myself in My Own Life. HMMM?? Well, the LOVE ME FIRST BUTTON has been hit, AGAIN. (it’s OK some lessons take time to learn – smile) Trust and Believe – I GET IT and I Am Committed to EMBRACING THIS LESSON WITH ALL MY HEART!! Yes, Yes, Yes — Do You Feel That Breeze? — Take a Look Around, That’s ME In FLIGHT” (LOL). Come On Now…Join ME…Let’s SOAR!! Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset.” Much Love…MarshaHUGS

Marsha Moment Message: Go Ahead – Go Ahead – Try Your Best to Convince Me that You’re Not Special!! I Just Ain’t Buying It!! Check this out: In My “Humble” Opinion – the PROOF that YOU ARE SPECIAL Rests in the FACT that You Were Given the BREATH OF LIFE by the SAME GOD that Created the Other “WONDERS OF THE WORLD”. Hmmm…Now Tell Me Again – What Were You Saying?? (smile). Come On Now…Let’s Roll. Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset.” Much Love…MarshaHUGS

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Marsha Moment Message: Waking Up in the Morning clearly reminds Me that “Every Day is a New Beginning” – for Me to KEEP STRIVING. I ENCOURAGE YOU to Join Me and Appreciate Each Day You Are Given. Trust and Believe – WE are TRULY BLESSED!! Oh, and, by the way, that SMILE You Got – REALLY LOOKS SO GOOD ON YOU!! (I’m just saying) Come On Now…Let’s Roll. Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset.” MarshaHUGS

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Marsha Moment Message: Man, Oh, Man!! Sometimes You Just have to ‘DIG DEEP” and Trust and Believe – That EVERYTHING that “HAS” Gone On, “IS” Going and “WILL” Go On in Your LIFE…Is In DIVINE ORDER. I Encourage You to Just “HOLD ON”. I’m Totally Convinced that the GOD that I HONOR has Got Me – EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!! Gosh, that’s Good to KNOW!! (smile). Come On Now….Let’s Roll. Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset.” Much Love…MarshaHUGS

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Marsha Moment Message: OK, YES – I am in the middle of getting my arms around “DOORS.” What the Heck is Marsha talking about?? Well, My Spiritual Advisor, for over 25 years, laces her conversations with me around the “DOORS” metaphor. And, I DIDN’T Get It – Today I DO!! Stick With Me for a Minute – I NEED TO SHARE (smile). Here goes: I have gone through the SAME DOORS IN TWO AREAS OF MY LIFE – OVER and OVER AGAIN FOR YEARS – concerning My Intimate Relationships and Financial Manageability. As of Today – LESSONS LEARNED and I am FREE from doing the same thing and expecting different results in those TWO AREAS OF MY LIFE!! Bottomline: THOSE DOORS ARE NOW CLOSED and I am Now PREPARED to GO THROUGH NEW DOORS, with FAITH leading the way, that are DESIGNED to ENHANCE MY SPIRITUAL WELL-BEING and LIFE!! I ENCOURAGE You to JOIN Me in MOVING “TOWARDS” AND “THROUGH” YOUR NEW DOORS. The Same FREEDOM that I am EXPERIENCING is WAITING FOR YOU TO ARRIVE (smile). Trust and Believe, It Feels So GOOD TO BE FREE!! Come On Now…Let’s Roll. Much Love…MarshaHUGS

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Marsha Moment Message: I have OBSERVED and It has been My “Humble” EXPERIENCE that putting in the Effort to “OPEN DOORS FOR OTHERS” – PRESENTS WIDE OPEN DOORS OF OPPORTUNITY FOR ONESELF!! Trust and Believe – Small Acts of Kindness Are Spiritually Refreshing and the Rewards Are PRICELESS!! It’s KARMA, Baby, KARMA (smile). Come On Now…Let’s Roll. Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset.” Much Love…MarshaHUGS

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Marsha Moment Message: It just keeps getting BETTER and BETTER. The SPIRITUAL FLOW Ain’t No Joke. So, RUSSELL SIMMONS aka @unclerush – REPOSTED MY INSTAGRAM POST – Yeah, This One!! I KEEP TELLING YOU – In Different Ways – LET’S CONTINUE TO SOAR!! Live and Embrace a “HUGS Mindset”. Much Love…MarshaHUGS

With Chiara Morrison Richard E Pelzer II Monifah Carter Terez Mychelle Pasha Cook Savoy WalkerMark A Forrest Ulysses Carter Musa JacksonDwayne A Nash JaVonne Armstrong

Marsha and I AM FOREVER GRATEFULl!! I would like to Extend My Sincere APPRECIATION TO YOU for the Tremendous Outpouring of HUGS and LOVE Shared with Me on My Birthday. I THANK YOU FOR CONTINUING TO LOVE ME THE WAY THAT YOU DO – It Truly Warms My Heart and Fills My SPIRIT with so Much JOY!! Trust and Believe, I REMAIN COMMITTED to doing the BEST I CAN to Spread a “HUGS Mindset” As Far As It Will Go!! Each and Every day, I Thank the GOD that I HONOR for Your Unwavering Support and Encouragement, and for Giving “US” the Opportunity to be a Part of Each Other’s LIVES!! For this, I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL!! HUGS and LOVE being sent your way today and always…MarshaHUGS

Live and Embrace a ‘HUGS MINDSET’ – Encourage, Inspire and Uplift Others Through Your Words, Actions and Deeds”

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Marsha Moment Message:” I am HONORED to let You know that “WE” – YES “WE” – received the Award for “HARLEM STAIR STEPPER” and were presented with “The MAYA” in HONOR of Dr. Maya Angelou at The First Harlem Academy Awards Red Carpet Event held at Cheri Restaurant on Sunday, February 28 which was designed and intended to be a PEACEFUL PROTEST TO THE “ACADEMY’S LACK OF DIVERSITY.” Rest Assured, theDIVERSITY at THIS Awards Ceremony was KALEIDOSCOPIC!! I want to take this time to THANK YOU – My Family, Friends and Followers – from all Walks of Life, in this Country and across the World – for YOUR LOVE, SUPPORT, ENCOURAGEMENT and HUGS!! I trust that YOU will continue to JOIN ME on this Journey as WE “Live and Embrace a ‘HUGS Mindset’ – Encourage, Inspire and Uplift Others Through OUR Words, Actions and Deeds. Again, Thank You for being the Wonderful People that You Are. Much Love, today and always…Your Friend – MarshaHUGS FOOTNOTE: More Pictures to Come…STAY TUNED!!

BIG HUG to Denny Moe for the pictures in this post!!

Special Thank You to the Event’s Hosts: Al Eoche,Kheava Hines and Frank DiBrino

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE OTHER AMAZING WINNERS: Musa Jackson – Leading Male of Harlem; Vanessa Tyler – Leading Female of Harlem;Farrah Burns – Musical Performance; Louis Johnson– Fashion and Design; and Sheila Ennis – Photography.

With Chiara Morrison Richard E Pelzer II Monifah Carter Terez Mychelle Ulysses Carter Savoy WalkerMark A Forrest JaVonne Armstrong Denny MoeBarbara Weltfisch Denise Jones Dwayne A NashTerrie M. Williams Donna Walker-Kuhne Pasha Cook Muriel Rosa Watkins BeyondBold AndBraveJennifer Mack MadameAsh Lee SGL/LGBTQA Committee @NAN

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— with Maya Angelou.